4 secrets to finding the best parking spot this holiday season


If you’re planning a trip to your local mall or shopping center before Christmas — and most of us are — you might be worried about having to waste time searching for a good parking space.

But did you know there are some simple tips and tricks to speed up the frustrating task?

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Holiday shopping: How to find a great parking spot 

NBC News put together a video that reveals four time-saving strategies to find the best parking space while you’re out doing your holiday shopping:

  1. Pick a row: Enter any row and park in the first available space, even if it’s far away.
  2. Sit and wait: Instead of driving up and down every single row, go down just one of them and patiently wait for someone else to leave.
  3. Look to the sides: Consider parking one row away from the store’s entrance, not directly in front of it.
  4. Be nice: If you’re waiting for someone’s space, don’t be aggressive. The other person may move even slower if you yell or honk your horn.

What’s your #1 tip to find a great parking space during the busy holiday season? Share it with Team Clark on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments section below.

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