Winter’s silver lining: Cold weather helps you lose weight


It may seem too chilly outside for most people, but that chill may help you keep up with your New Year’s resolution to lose some weight.

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How cold weather can help you lose weight

According to a study by Cell, cold weather can help with losing weight thanks in part to microbes changing due to the drop in temperature. The scientists in the study used mice to determine whether there were any changes to the body when the temperature dropped.

Scientists found that the mice had an increase in sensitivity to insulin, lower blood sugar levels and began to burn more fat when living in a much colder temperature than before. The scientists also found that the microbes — usually associated with obesity and diabetes — were changing to an almost nonexistent level, the study showed. The study states that its findings on the role microbes play in obesity should be useful in finding treatments in the future.

For now, while you’re shivering outside, remember that it could lead to that perfect beach body.


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