Here are the 10 best jobs in America for 2016


Looking for a new line of work or just hoping to brag about your current line of employment?

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The best job in America is…

The best job in the United States in 2016 is data scientist, according to’s annual list of the 25 best jobs in America.

The company ranks jobs based on its Glassdoor Job Score, which factors in the number of job openings, career opportunities rating and salary.

If you’re a data scientist — or want to be one — chances are you’re making a six-figure salary. According to Glassdoor, the average data scientist is bringing in about $116,840 a year.


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A definite trend on the list: Many of the jobs involve technology.

The top 10 best jobs are:

  • Data scientist
  • Tax manager
  • Solutions architect
  • Engagement manager
  • Mobile developer
  • HR manager
  • Physician assistant
  • Product manager
  • Software engineer
  • Audit manager

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