Get expensive car repairs for free


Do you know there’s a secret that could be costing you big-money? You have a car, and it is out of warranty and something goes wrong with it and the dealer is telling you in the service bay it’s going to be $500, 1500, $3000 to fix it. You’re like that much money? But it may end up costing you little or nothing because a lot of times what caused your car end up ailing in the shop is something that is a known defect  to the manufacturer, and they issue what are called TSB’s –technical service bulletins — to the dealers that say,  “Hey we know this is fouled up in a car. This is how you fix it.”

But they keep it a secret, hoping you will just pay for the repair. Don’t do that. Before you authorize an expensive repair on your car, you need to check to see if there are any known technical service bulletins on it. Then you should go to the dealer and say I want the manufacturer to pay. If you go to, check out your make, model and year. You may in fact find a ticket to free money! I’m Clark Howard

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