Get cash for that unwanted gift card


After Christmas you’re sitting there with a lot of gift cards. Sometimes they’re exactly what you wanted. Other times not so much. So what do you do? Most of the time people leave those gift cards sitting in a drawer, forgotten about. Wasted money. So you don’t want that to happen to you. What do you do instead? Sell that gift card. Somebody else gets a great deal and you turn it into cash. There are several gift card exchanges available where you’ll get to see what you’ll get for your gift card or, on the other hand, if there’s a store you really love or a restaurant you really love, what kind of deal you can buy that gift card at.

The gift card exchanges make money on a spread between what they’ll pay you and what somebody else has to pay them, but you win and they win turning it into money that you can use when you want to, instead of a piece of plastic that just becomes junk. I have a full list of the sites where you can shop for the best deal for the gift cards you don’t want at I’m Clark Howard.

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