FutureFamily offers discount prices on egg freezing, IVF and more


Women who are have trouble conceiving can spend a fortune on fertility treatments. But a new startup called FutureFamily.com has a better idea.

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Take a look at FutureFamily.com

Traditional fertility treatments are costly.

Egg freezing can cost up to $10,000, according to Eggsurance.com. And that’s typically an out-of-pocket expense not covered by insurance — unless you happen to work for a progressive Silicon Valley company like Apple, Facebook or Google that will pick up the tab, or a financial giant like Citigroup or JPMorgan Chase that will do the same.

Meanwhile, in vitro fertilization (IVF) costs up to $12,000 for a single round, according to Huffington Post. That doesn’t count the cost of travel or medications, nor does it reflect the fact that often more than one round of IVF is needed.

Enter FutureFamily.com

For the cost of family cell phone plan, you can get started with some financially sensible family planning.

FutureFamily costs for egg freezing

FutureFamily costs for in vitro fertilization (IVF)

Fertility Age Test

In addition to egg freezing and IVF, FutureFamily also offers a proprietary “fertility age” screening to help women get a better read on how fast their biological clock is ticking.


The goal is to determine a cutoff date by which a woman would need to freeze her eggs to give the best chance of a healthy, viable pregnancy down the road. Such a test would cost around $600 at your doctor, according to FutureFamily. But they’re offering their own “Fertility Age Test” for less than $300.

A dedicated fertility nurse concierge is assigned to every woman who does the Fertility Age Test, egg freezing or IVF. The nurse is there to help walk clients through every step of the process.

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New website helps you find the right fertility doctor

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