11 tried and true ways to keep warm without spending any money

11 tried and true ways to keep warm without spending any money
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We’re in the heart of winter and for a majority of the country, frigid temps will be with us for quite a while, so we’d better get used to it.

It’s important to keep in mind that when the meteorologist says an arctic blast on the way, we shouldn’t necessarily picture dollar signs flying out the window!

11 ways to stay warm without spending any money

There are actually several things you can do to keep warm without spending a dime. If we take a moment to think about many of the household items we have, we may find that we already have everything we need to stay warm ‘ without forking over a cent.

Here’s how to stay warm this winter without breaking the bank  — or even going to one:

Pull the rug 

If you have hardwood floors and you want to be able to walk around your home without your toes becoming ice-cold, pull out a rug. If you’ve got one rolled up in a closet somewhere, now’s the time to put it to use. Not only will it enhance your home cosmetically, but it will create warm pathways throughout your residence that keep your feet warm.

Run the ceiling fan in reverse

In the summer your fan should run counterclockwise so as to cool the room. In the winter, though, you should change the rotation of the blades to push warm air, which always rises, down toward you. It doesn’t cost a thing, and you get added warmth in the room.

Exercise to stay warm

Nothing warms a person up like body heat. To do this without any external sources, a 15-minute workout can do wonders for heating up the body’s core. Your limbs will be able to get warm blood and your core’s temperature will rise, causing your metabolism to increase and blood flow to promote better circulation. The end result? You warm up.


Break out the blanket

If you’re at home, why not get cozy by pulling out the quilt? It doesn’t have to be bedtime for you to grab the blanket and chill out on the couch or in your favorite chair. The extra insulation will allow you to wrap up knowing that you’ll be warm.

Stay off the caffeine

As much as you may love your morning coffee, caffeine is not going to help you keep warm, according to the experts. “If you’re cold, stay away from caffeinated beverages (like coffee and tea) and nicotine,” certified climbing guide and Alpine Endeavors director Marty Molitoris tells BuzzFeed Life. “They cause your vessels to constrict, which limits blood flow.”

Change your bedding

You’d be surprised how many people don’t change their bedsheets to more appropriate fibers when it gets colder, keeping cotton or silk on their mattress from summertime. With lower temps, you need to go in the closet and pull out the down comforter and flannel sheets. Now only are they more comfortable, but they trap heat, making the bed a haven of warmth.

Wear wool

As much as we love cotton, it won’t do much good in the dead of winter. Of all the materials you could wear, wool is the warmest. That’s because the outer layer of a sheep has the miraculous ability to felt amid moisture, meaning that it retains its insulating properties.

Heat your clothes by putting them in the dryer

Want to boost your body heat and smell like a breath of fresh air at the same time? Put your clothes in the dryer for just 5 minutes. Not only will your garments be super-cozy, but it will make the distance from your front door to the car a little less painful.

Stuff towels under doors

If you’ve got an older home, you’re probably losing an inordinate amount of heat through the small spaces around the sides and under the doors that lead to the exterior. To trap some of your home’s heat, place a towel on the floor and push it up against the door.

If you’re cooking food, use the oven 

After you’re done cooking, turn off the oven but leave it open. This way, the heat you lose by cutting it off can actually be added to the room. You’ll be surprised how comfy you can make a room just by taking advantage of oven heat.


Turn the heat on briefly before bedtime

One of our readers on Facebook shared this advice on keeping warm: “At night, we run the heat for 15-30 minutes upstairs right before we go to bed to warm the place up, then turn it off. That way the heat doesn’t run all night. And we keep our downstairs at 66 all night, so the heat doesn’t usually come on there.”

What do you do to stay warm for free? If you’ve got some suggestions or recommendations, let us know in the comments and we just might add them to the story!

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