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Clark recently took his oldest child to college for the first time and came away with some musings about how much things have changed since he was in school. Back in the day, he went to campus with one trunk full of belongings. At his daughter’s school, students showed up with fridges, microwaves, coordinated bedspreads and more. He even saw one student carrying in a 36-inch LCD hi-def TV. Meanwhile, everyone has cars on campus these days.

When Clark was studying, freshmen weren’t allowed to have vehicles. Sophomores could do so only with parental permission or if they had a job. Of course it goes without saying that when Clark was in college, there was no Internet, computers or cell phones. He used a typewriter and had one professor who did not allow papers to be turned in with any corrected letters on the page. If you made a mistake while typing — even in the last sentence — you had to start all over again.

Use these sites for textbook comparison shopping

Clark has one bit of advice for anyone who doesn’t want to pay those hefty prices for college textbooks. His daughter’s roommate spent $580 on books for class, while his daughter has to pay $135 for one book! Clark says to shop around for the books online.,,,,,,, and are all good sites for this purpose.

Amazon is also doing big business selling college text books, and there are some British book websites that offer science textbooks for about 40 percent off the domestic price (even when you factor in the cost of international shipping.) Don’t buy your books before class starts. Go the first day and ask your professor if you can buy a prior edition and try to find it used.

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