DHL exiting domestic overnight shipping business


Clark has been using prepaid DHL overnight envelopes that he bought at Costco as one way to save a buck. DHL is typically cheaper than FedEx or UPS. But as of January 30, they’re exiting the domestic overnight shipping market.

Not having a third competitor is bad for business. When you have a duopoly — like there will be with FedEx and UPS — you typically have higher prices, worse service and less innovation.

As for Clark, he’ll have to find another means to get cheap shipping. He may have to degrade service and go to 2-day or 3-day shipping, or go for ground service instead of overnight air service. Lastly, Clark wants to mention USPS as another option — so he doesn’t get chewed out on the Clark Stinks forum!

Looking for a refund on prepaid DHL envelopes you bought at Costco? Call DHL ShipReady at 1-800-514-0351.

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