may appeal to low-budget travelers


Clark is not thrifty, he’s cheap. But there are some lines he won’t cross. For example, he will not bunk with a stranger he’s never met. Yet his responsibility on this show is to bring you ideas to save you money. So if the shoe fits, wear it. is a site that allows people to meet others around the world and stay at their homes. It’s like crashing at a friend’s pad, but you don’t know the friend!

This site makes hostels seem expensive. Clark admits he wouldn’t have done this even in his young, mostly broke days.

Show staffers Joel and Kim have been having animated discussions about the possible dangers of Joel says he has stayed with people he didn’t know before, but he didn’t meet them through He does, however, tentatively have plans to try out this site and see how the experience goes. Kim, meanwhile, found an article on ABC News that reports has been around for 5 years and only had one minor safety incident in all that time. While it is not a dating site, the article also reports that there is one known baby that’s come about as a result of a connection. doesn’t have an exclusive corner on the sleeping-in-strangers-homes thing. is another site that’s free to use, while is a pay portal geared toward more mature travelers looking for a home in which to crash.

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