College degree earns you $450,000 more over a lifetime


How much is a college degree worth? Time and time again, Clark has said that a college degree equals huge earnings over a lifetime, and it only goes up for graduate and professional degrees beyond the standard bachelor’s degree.

But some economists are now doing rebuttals to this viewpoint. The Wall Street Journal published an article discounting the commonly held belief that a college degree can earn you between $800,000-$1 million more over a lifetime versus a high-school graduate.

Yet they’re not saying that it’s not worth more. They’re just challenging the methodology which researchers used to arrive at the $800,000 figure.

All things considered, it’s important to remember that a college degree often lends itself to a more stable work history versus someone who didn’t go to school.

Last year, Clark shared a list of jobs compiled by that are believed to be the hottest in America.

The Wall Street Journal still maintains that college guarantees you elevated earnings, but they now suggest $450,000 is a more reasonable figure than $800,000.

Liberal arts degrees, of course, typically earn you less than a specialized degree will. Having training for jobs that are in moderate-to-high demand will payoff big now and over time. Of course, in certain instances, a high school graduate with a technical skill such as plumbing may out-earn a person with a college degree.

Note: This segment originally aired in February 2010

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