Clark’s ‘crazy’ idea for getting rid of traffic


Money expert Clark Howard has a wacky take on how to tackle the heavy traffic that so many of us deal with on a daily basis.

How Clark would solve traffic congestion

Many areas across the country struggle to keep up with population increases and the inevitable traffic jams that follow. Clark thinks he has a way to solve the problem — despite the vehement disagreements he’s met with every time he brings his idea up.

Clark believes that spending billions to create new traffic lanes is a terrible solution that has consistently failed growing urban and suburban areas. “Nowhere in America can you pave your way out of traffic jams,” he said on The Clark Howard Show.

Clark proposes this alternative: People pay to drive on a freeway during high traffic periods, people get paid to drive during low traffic times, and no money is exchanged while traffic is moderate.

He says the aim of his solution would be to be “revenue neutral, not to pad the government’s pockets, but really to regulate the flow of traffic.”

You can post to Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #ClarkHatesTraffic to let us know whether you buy Clark’s plan or not — and to share your own solutions to ease traffic congestion. The full segment on his idea from the Clark Howard Show is available below.

Listen: How Clark would solve traffic

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