Clark’s BOA statement


Dear listeners –

I want to thank all of you for your strong response to our Bank of America campaign on behalf of Matthew Shinnick. I am stunned by the quick action taken by so many people, who told us that they removed more than $9 million from Bank of America in the first 72 hours. Now, the count is growing by the millions every day, according to the hundreds of e-mails we have received at [email protected]

I have also heard from a number of people – both through e-mail and on the air – who feel that I have been unfair to Bank of America. I understand and respect every point of view in this matter, so we will continue to discuss it more if necessary.

Normally on the Clark Howard Show, we deal strictly with your consumer questions. However, I believe the circumstances of Matthew’s jailing are so extreme that it calls for further discussion.

Thank you for input,