Clark Howard’s T-Shirt Design Contest Winner


T Shirt Design Contest Winner!
Thanks to everyone who submitted designs in our recent T-Shirt contest. We enjoyed seeing all the clever, creative and funny ideas our listeners dreamed up.

CONGRATULATIONS to NICK CLARK who submitted the winning T shirt design “CLARK HOWARD UNIVERSITY” 

Why Clark chose it:
People always tell Clark that listening to his show is like attending the “Clark Howard University,” so it’s a concept he and the public are already familiar with.  He also appreciated the fact that this design could be printed in one color, so he’ll be able to keep the cost of this shirt as low as possible, allowing everyone to Save More and Spend Less. Very Clark Smart of you, Nick!

We also found that this simple design was the one that people of all ages said they’d wear most often. Available  this fall, in several colors and all sizes!

The following design submissions were the runners-up.
All of these were a real hit with the Team!