Clark Howard: The Meeting of the Mouths 2008

“The Meeting of the Mouths”

An Economic Roundtable
April 28, 2008

Clark discusses the latest economic issues with nationally syndicated talk show host Neal Boortz and radio personality Herman Cain (via remote). This was filmed at Clark’s flagship station in Atlanta, and moderated by AM750 and NOW 95.5FM News/Talk WSB’s Jeff Hullinger.

Part 1
looks at the recession, the housing crisis, foreclosures, the media and greed. Neal and Clark argue about recession and foreclosures. (6:05)

Part 2
looks at energy policy, corporate taxes, nuclear energy, gas prices, food prices, ethanol, oil and the war in Iraq. Clark proposes a bet on what gas prices will be May 1, 2009. (8:05)