Clark Howard: Online Car Shopping WSB-TV report

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Tips on buying a car online

Clark Howard, WSB-TV consumer adviser

A new trend has car dealerships around the country concerned. More and more Americans are researching and shopping online for a new car.

A few new Web sites are making it even easier for you to price and buy a new car online. When you visit these sites, just plug in the model car you’re shopping for, then customize it with whatever equipment or accessories you want, and within 10 seconds, the site gives you a guaranteed price on the car. Most sites will also guarantee a delivery date. What could be easier?

For some sites to check out go to our Online cars page.

Clark Howard recommends that you visit all of these Web sites, then shop your local auto dealer, to be sure you’re getting the best price on your new car.

Currently, there’s some controversy over the legality of buying a car online in Georgia. A bill was passed two years ago that addresses this issue. But Clark spoke with the Governor’s office, and they say it’s perfectly legal to buy a car online. If you need more proof, just ask Clark. He has bought a car online, and he didn’t encounter any problems.