Clark Howard: Green Tips – Summer 2007

Summer 2007 Green Tips

Natural gas vehicles on the go

Thinking about buying a non-polluting natural gas vehicle? You’ll need to install a “Phill” home refueling station to make it a reality. More

Less is more

There’s a push in four states to reward power companies when they get their customers to conserve energy. Clark looks at the new trend. More

Scooters and electric bikes offer great value

If your commute is less than 10 miles, find out about some great ways to save money and protect the environment. More

Going green at the grocery store?

Clark has another idea to encourage people to choose paper over plastic bags at the grocery … and it may be even more controversial than the ban. More

An electric car that runs for just 2 cents a mile

The average automobile costs 50 cents per mile to operate … and continues our dependence on foreign oil. Imagine getting around town using an economical plug-in ride. More

Generate wind power at home

A wind turbine at home ensures that you’d never have to worry about power in the event of a blackout. More

Has Clark met his match?

Clark is known to be cheap, but not as cheap as those in the “freegan” movement. Find out what he thinks about this dumpster-diving trend. More