Clark Howard: Green Tips – Autumn 2007

Autumn 2007 Green Tips

The new look of increased fuel economy
Heard about Japan’s Suzuki Wagon R? While there are no plans to sell this vehicle stateside, you’ve got to check out the amazing fuel economy it delivers. More

Save energy and trees for the holidays!
Vampire electronics and excessive catalogs don’t simply tempt you to spend more money. They’re also environmental nuisances. More

New alt-fuel vehicles unveiled at auto show
The Honda Clarity and the Chevy Equinox are just a couple of new hydrogen powered fuel-cell vehicles that will be on the roads. More

Most cost-effective hybrids named
Some hybrid vehicles give you a quicker return on investment than others. Clark tells you about the best (and worst) cars for your buck. More

NGVs reduce pollution, save you money
Natural-gas vehicles offer a clean and economical ride. Filling up will run you about $1.20/gallon. Get the details on Clark’s new ride. More

Exploring alternate commuting options
Some European cities have had great success reducing air pollution and traffic with bike-sharing programs. Now several U.S. cities want a piece of the action. More