Clark Howard: Disable Your Pop-Up Blockers To Hear Audio

Pop-up Blockers Help

Pop-up Blockers
In order to listen to the audio stream of the station, you’ll need to disable pop-up blockers you may have installed. Most browsers or Internet Service Providers allow you to selectively disable the pop-up blocker you use. To check to see if you have a pop-up blocker installed:
  • Go to your Internet browser
  • On the menu bar click View > Toolbars >…if you have browser toolbars (AOL, Google, MSN, etc.) they will be listed. If there is a check mark next to the toolbar name it indicates that the toolbar is visible on your browser page. If not, click to place a check mark next to the toolbar name to make it visible (you can un-check later if you do not want to view the toolbar). Listed below are the most popular pop-up blockers and how to manage them from the toolbars.
  • If you did not find any toolbars listed, click Tools on the menu bar: If you have blockers, you will see Pop-up blocker listed and a sub-menu to turn on or turn off (the wording may vary based on your browser). The name of blocker is usually not listed here – this can happen when things download that you are not aware of!

Disabling pop-up blockers by browser or ISP
From the AOL Toolbar:

  1. Click Settings from the tool bar
  2. Click Preferences
  3. Click Pop Ups
  4. If you want to see pop-up windows from a specific Web site, type the address (or URL) of the site in the “allow only these sites” box, and then click Add.
  5. Click Save

Earthlink’s Pop-Up Blocker can be customized to allow pop-ups on certain sites but not others. It lets you know by sight and sound when a pop-up window is blocked. It can also block Flash™ and Shockwave™ content*. It gives you the option of viewing thumbnail versions of blocked ads. If you are using a Mac, Earthlink doesn’t have a pop up blocker option. You can allow pop-ups from an entire Web site, or only from a particular page within a larger Web site (see To add a Web site or page below).

To add a Web site to the list (i.e., allow every Web page on the site to show pop-ups):

  1. Point Internet Explorer (IE) to the Web site.
  2. Click the The Pop-Up Blocker menu on the IE Toolbar, and choose Always ALLOW pop-ups for this Web site.
  3. The entire Web site will be added to the list and the next time you visit, pop-up windows will be allowed.

To add a Web site to the list (i.e., allow every Web page on the site to show pop-ups):

  1. Right-click anywhere on the Always allow list and choose Add Entry.
  2. Type the Web address (you don’t have to type “http://”).
  3. Click the OK button.

The next time you visit that Web page, pop-up windows will not be blocked, but other pages on that Web site may be allowed. Get more information


  1. Start Firefox
  2. Click Tools–>Options
  3. Click the “Allowed Sites” button Enter the web address of the station web page
  4. Click “allow”
  5. Click “ok”

Google Toolbar

  1. Click on the Google Icon and select ‘Options’
  2. In the Accessories Section uncheck ‘Popup Blocker’
  3. More info:

I.E. 6.0/XP Service Pack 2

  1. Start IE.
  2. On the Tools menu, point to Pop-up Blocker, and then click Pop-up Blocker Settings
  3. If you want to see pop-up windows from a specific Web site, type the address (or URL) of the site in the Address of Web site to allow box, and then click Add.
  4. Tip: To temporarily allow a site to display pop-ups, click the Information Bar when it notifies you that a pop-up has been blocked. Then click Temporarily Allow Pop-ups.
    Get more information

From the MSN Toolbar:

  1. Click on the Pop Up Icon (When placing cursor over icon box will appear stating: “Pop-up windows are being blocked–Click to allow all pop-ups”)
    For more information, visit and search for “Pop-up Guard”.

Mozilla 1.x

  1. Start Mozilla
  2. Click Tools
  3. Hover over Pop-up manager
  4. Click “Allow Pop-ups from this site”


  1. Open the Preferences menu (using a PC, the Preferences menu is in the Edit menu–using a Mac, the Preferences menu is in the Netscape/Mozilla menu)
  2. Open the Privacy and Security Menu
  3. Select Pop Up Windows and Uncheck ‘Block un-requested pop-ups’

Norton Internet Security

  1. Double Click on the Norton Icon in the System Tray
  2. Click ‘Ad Blocking’
  3. Click ‘Turn Off’


  1. Choose Preferences
  2. Go to the menu File > Preferences –or– press Alt+P and choose “Windows”. Or access Quick Preferences by pressing F12.

Safari Blocker

  1. Open the Safari Menu and choose Preferences
  2. Open the Security Menu
  3. Uncheck ‘Block pop up windows’

Yahoo Toolbar

  1. Click on the Pop Up Icon
  2. Uncheck ‘Enable Pop-Up Blocker’
    Get more information