Beware of free iPad scams and fake anti-virus software


RIP-OFF ALERT: The world of the Internet is rife with possible pitfalls. Here are two hot scams that you need to avoid.

First, beware of any promises you see about a free iPad. They’re nothing more than malarkey. There are many variants to this scam, but the general theme is that there are free iPads being giving away for the purpose of garnering user reviews, testimonials or recommendations.

Apple is not doing this. Don’t believe it. The crooks just want your personal info or some kind of up-front fee. Remember, never wire money to anyone who claims they have an iPad for you.

Second, Google did a 13-month study and found there are 11,000 registered Web sites offering “free” antivirus software that is actually malicious.

Much of this falls under the category of scareware, where you’ll get a pop-up claiming a virus was found on your computer. You’ll then be prompted to download a supposed free or pay software fix. These kinds of sites account for about 15 percent of all Internet scams in the country, according to Google.

See our list of legit anti-virus sites for safe protection options.

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