The 25 best companies to work for in 2017


What do America’s best places to work all have in common? Excellent company culture, strong leadership and competitive pay, according to a new study from

Indeed’s best places to work in 2017

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The job search website has just released its list of the top 50 companies to work for in 2017. The rankings are based on employee reviews of Fortune 500 companies with more than 5,000 employees and at least 50 reviews.

Salesforce, which is described by Indeed as the “cloud computing leader,” placed first for the second year in a row.

“We are seeing people describe these exemplary workplaces as ”˜inspiring’ and ”˜engaging’ by maintaining excellent company culture, ensuring quality leadership, and offering competitive pay and benefits,” said Indeed Senior Vice President Paul D’Arcy. “Employees also praise the companies on this list for being mission-driven organizations that are leaders in their respective industries.”

There are a wide range of industries represented on the list: tech, finance, airlines and even retail — including one of Clark’s favorites, Costco Wholesale, which placed 12th.

Check out the top 25 companies below:

1. Salesforce
2. Southwest Airlines
3. JetBlue Airways Corporation
4. Facebook
5. Google
6. CenterPoint Energy
7. DTE Energy
8.* Nike
8.* Apple
10. The Walt Disney Company
11. Delta
12. Costco Wholesale
13. Discovery Communications
14. Johnson & Johnson
15. Chevron
16. Fannie Mae
17. Bristol-Myers Squibb
18. Exelon
19. Viacom
20. Starbucks
21. Estee Lauder
22. Microsoft
23. Publix
24.* Pfizer Inc.
24.* Biogen

*Indicates a tie 

See the full report from Indeed here.

2017 hiring outlook: What you need to know

If you’ve been looking for a new job for a while, you should know that the hiring outlook for 2017 is the best the U.S. has seen in a decade, according to CareerBuilder‘s annual job forecast.


You can expect about 40% of employers to hire full-time, permanent workers throughout the year.

And of those employers planning to hire, some of the hot areas for hiring will be: information technology, customer service, production, sales and administrative.

Here are five other trends to watch for this year:

1. Pressure to offer higher pay: Two-thirds of employers plan to increase salaries on initial job offers, with 30% of employers increasing it by 5% or more.

2. Job seekers must emphasize soft skills: The majority of hiring managers place importance on skills associated with one’s personality, like a positive attitude.

3. You may not receive a phone call: More than 40% of employers will reach out to candidates through text messages to schedule interviews.

4. Keep up with Facebook and Twitter: Roughly 60% of employers expect employees to have social media experience.

5. No experience, no problem: More than half of employers said they will hire and train workers who don’t have experience in their field.

This new Google feature can help you find a job

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