Be Clark Smart when buying a mattress


RIP-OFF ALERT: Presidents’ Day weekend is the biggest sales time for mattresses. But beware because the bedding business has historically been filled with snakes.

When you’re looking at their colorful inserts and TV ads, know that they are listing promotional price bedding. Manufacturers make a tiny percent of their production runs to be used for this purpose. When you lay down on a promo mattress in a store, you’ll probably think the floor would be more comfortable. This is done on purpose so the salesperson can then steer you to a more expensive mattress. It’s the old bait-and-switch.

They also make comparison shopping difficult because they never use the same model number. You can look at the same mattress at several stores, but you’ll never know it because it’s been given a different model number each time. recently reported on the worst places around the country to do your mattress shopping. But Clark wants you to know there are people in the business who play it straight and aren’t rodents.

You can tell when they don’t start with the bait-and-switch and instead actually offer a comfortable bed for a good price. Even still, take a picture of the tag on the mattress to show the model number of what you’re buying. This prevents them from later trying a reverse switch and delivering something other than what you purchased. And always remember to pay with a credit card so you’re protected from delivery problems or phony additional charges.

Clark also recommends mattresses from the warehouse clubs because they have little markup. He wants to commend Sam’s Club for having pullout mattresses available for you to check out. That way you don’t have to pull a mattress off the wall. When you do try a mattress out, get a book and chill for a while to thoroughly vet it before buying.

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