Auto-buyers showing unprecedented decline in brand loyalty


Auto-buyers have lost all brand loyalty when they go to purchase a new vehicle, according to CNW Research.

Historically, it was almost a given that people would buy the brand they were already driving. Yet only one in five shoppers this past year replaced a vehicle with the same brand they previously had in their driveway. This is an unprecedented development.

Our loyalty to a particular nameplate has been broken. People want the best deal and the best vehicle for their money. This has been a disastrous development for auto marketers. The Detroit newspapers report that manufacturers are putting the blame on their ad agencies and firing them. But the real problem is that the market is too competitive and the quality of vehicles too good.

That’s turned us into free agents with shifting allegiances. Our free agency puts continuing pressure on manufacturers to keep delivering quality vehicles at affordable prices.

But remember, you must be a non-emotional shopper and do your homework. Follow our step-by-step guide for tips. And be sure to consider multiple models from multiple brands to suss out the best deal.

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