This change will affect every American Express cardholder at checkout


American Express is dropping the signature requirement for purchases beginning in April 2018.

The credit card issuer said the move will help provide a more consistent and simplified checkout experience for merchants and cardholders worldwide.

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Amex dropping signature requirements worldwide

A company executive said signatures are “no longer necessary to fight fraud” due to advanced fraud capabilities.

The growth of contactless payment options, the global adoption of EMV chip technology and the expansion of online commerce are three factors that have reduced the need for signatures, according to Amex.

In fact, the credit card company previously eliminated signature requirements for purchases under $50 in the U.S.

Mastercard and Discover also recently announced there will be no more signing on the dotted line after April 2018. Visa still requires signatures for purchases over $25.

Look for the changes to start speeding you through the checkout line early next year!

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