A discount cell service that runs on Verizon network


There’s an all out price war going on behind the scenes with the nation’s cell phone carriers, and if you know how to play the game you’re gonna save big money. For example, Verizon had not participated in all the price cutting going on that AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint had been doing. Now Verizon’s in, but not using Verizon’s brand name. They’re using a special joint venture with Verizon and another company called Total Wireless, and Verizon is selling plans so much cheaper than they normally do it’s amazing.

You can take your Verizon phone if you’ve completed your contract and move it over to total wireless. All you do is save money. How much? $35 a  month gets you unlimited talk, unlimited text, and two and a half gigs of data a month. Two and half gigs is plenty for most people. Each additional person you want to add is 25 extra a month and the data amounts start rising the more people you add. So check out Total Wireless, and I have a guide to all the cheap cell phone plans right now at clark.com. I’m Clark Howard.

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