(Expired) Here are 10 great 4th of July deals at Aldi!


The middle isle at Aldi is where you’ll often find great seasonal items at terrific prices. Here are a few great deals to help you celebrate the 4th of July!

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10 great deals at Aldi to help you celebrate July 4th

1. Children’s licensed Americana tees: $3.99

kids aldi shirts

2. Licensed men’s or ladies’ Americana t-shirt: $4.99


3. Easy Home 6′ utility table: $34.99

folding utility table

4. Easy Home 6′ fold in half bench: $24.99

folding bench

5. Coleman 45-quart wheeled cooler: $27.99 ($10 cheaper than Walmart!)

Coleman cooler

6. Crofton 2.15-gallon glass beverage dispenser: $12.99

beverage dispenser

7. Grafix Glow Assortment (29 pieces): $1.99

glow bracelets

8. Pumponator balloon pump with 400 balloons (Can be used for water or air balloons): $6.99

balloon pump


9. Crofton reusable plates or bowls in assorted colors, set of 4: $3.99

reuseable plates

10. Crofton 16-oz. can tumbler: $4.49

can tumbler

See Aldi’s full ad here!

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