Woman sues credit report companies that claim she’s dead


ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis woman is alive and kicking, but if you look at her credit reports, you might get a different idea.

Alexandria Goree had to go to court after three credit reporting agencies marked her ‘deceased’ on credit reports.

The notation first appeared on her files in 2013, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

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How could they get it so wrong?

The paper said the notice is added to reports when a creditor tells one of the agencies that a customer has died.

Because Goree was declared dead when it came to credit, credit card companies rejected her applications and she had troubles finding a new place to live after rental applications were denied.

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It took Goree eight months of phone calls and correspondence to convince Experian and TransUnion that she was alive. The Post-Dispatch could not confirm whether Equifax also agreed that she was alive.

In the lawsuit, Goree also claims that there are inaccuracies on her resurrected reports, including wrong names and unfamiliar lines of credit, The Post-Dispatch reported.

Goree’s attorney told the paper that the companies mixed her up with another person.


TransUnion and Experian officials did not comment, citing the pending lawsuit. Equifax officials said they were recently notified of the filing, and needed more time to research it, The Post-Dispatch reported.

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