Verizon to enter the iPhone market


Are you going to get an iPhone now that Verizon is stepping into the marketplace?

There are apparently millions of people jumping for joy since Verizon announced it will join AT&T as only the second network to run the iPhone. This is great news for the marketplace. As has been well documented, AT&T botched this thing with the iPhone. In fact, within hours of Verizon’s announcement, The New York Times ran an article explaining how to exit your AT&T contract!

Verizon has not yet announced pricing for the iPhone. If you feel the iPhone is what you want and you want to go with Verizon, one advantage is that you will not have a data cap. AT&T once allowed for unlimited data, but anybody who upgraded in recent times lost unlimited data. We’ve all heard the horror stories of overages. So with Verizon, at least you will have unlimited data.

The iPhone remains a huge success in the marketplace with probably 20 million users. But the real sweet spot for the cost-conscious consumer is with any of a number of Android devices. They’re all open-source and made by multiple manufacturers. Android phones are better in some ways than iPhones, and worse in other respects. But they’re certainly an equivalent modern technology.

The savings by going Android can be enormous. Metro PCS charges $50/month for service and unlimited everything. Virgin Mobile‘s unlimited messaging and data plans for Android phones start at $25/month with a limited amount of talk minutes. T-Mobile is another good option too.

So if you must have an iPhone, at least now you have a second choice. But if you just want a good smart phone, you’ll have access to much cheaper choices if you go Android.

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