Twitter responds to Clark’s special on the federal budget deficit


The Twitter world erupted in response to today’s special edition of The Clark Howard Show with a focus on our $16 trillion national debt. Among the comments:

  • “Everyone who tweets about politics should be listening to @ClarkHoward radio show today. common sense without taking a left/right side” [email protected]
  • @clarkhoward u are right on track…wish you would go to Washington & explain what needs to happen..all listeners should contact congress” – @MsWatersMill
  • “Listening to the @ClarkHoward show, he suggest removing the income tax & charge a 13% sales tax, says it’ll encourage saving. Your thoughts?” – @thecrditcardguy
  • “Ok Clark, no federal student loans, tax credits for electric cars, no federal medical research.YOUR pet projects need to go too” – @mark_orlando

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