Shyp revamps shipping to make it easier and maybe even cheaper


Wouldn’t it be great if there were a service that took the drudgery out of one of life’s most boring tasks and maybe saved you money at the same time?

Enter, a service that promises to do just that for package shipping. With Shyp, you open up their app, take a photo of what it is you need shipped, submit it and then a person comes to your house or apartment within 20 minutes to pick it up! The cost so far? $5.

The only other charge is for the shipping itself. But because Shyp does volume shipping with all the major vendors, they have negotiated discount rates available to you. So you might wind up saving $5 or more when you ship with the cheapest carrier through Shyp.

Finding a need in the marketplace

Shyp is a Silicon Valley startup that was only available in the Bay area at first. But now they’ve expanded to New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Chicago is up next as they steadily add cities.

This is an example of one of those services that offers a great convenience. After all, who really wants to figure out how to properly box up whatever you’ve got, look for shipping tape and then figure out if you should use UPS vs FedEx vs USPS. And forget about figuring out what it’s going to cost! Sometimes the rates can be so confusing.

I hope Shyp grows steadily and this is something I can use someday. Because there are so many ideas out there of needs or wants in the marketplace that we just don’t see, but they’re there.

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How did this come about? Shyp was invented by an eBay guy who hated all the hassle of packaging and shipping. He thought, ‘There ought to be a way…’

How many things in your life could be a eureka moment? People probably told Mark Zuckerberg how dominant MySpace was and why would he even bother trying to invent something called Facebook? Or go further back and look at Michael Dell who liked building computers at school instead of going to class. And they both became billionaires!

Those are a few extreme examples. But you could earn a nice living just by providing things for people that they might not even know they need. Think about the classic example: Before iPhones and smartphones existed, nobody knew they even needed such a thing. (It was a want, but it became a need.) So put your mind to work. The best opportunities are those where you solve a problem for people and can make money from it at the same time.


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