Political ads moving to web and mobile, away from TV


Good news if you’ve already tired of political ads on TV. There’s a big shift in campaign ad dollars coming in the next two weeks and the trend is away from TV and towards the web and mobile.

New research I read about in The Financial Times of London suggests there’s been a big shift since even the 2010 election with how people consume video content. As a guy who’s worked in what’s now considered “old media” for 26 years — newspaper, TV and, radio — the shift to digital is happening in so many ways.

The reality is political ads on TV are not being paid attention to because of the DVR. People don’t see the ads because they’re skipping them! But that’s only the beginning.

In key battleground states, you have people watching video on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. Live TV is not so much a part of the mix. So it means you are going to see, throughout the fall campaign, political ads shifting to web and mobile ads.

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