Online gambling being legalized


Are you a gambler?

Soon you will legally be able to do online gambling. I saw a New York Times  article that reported game makers are already writing software to have some of their titles become games of chance.

I don’t have a problem with gambling. I don’t personally choose to gamble, but a guy I know travels a couple times a year to go to a casino. And he and his wife go for three days. He sets a limit of $250 that he plans to lose during the trip while gambling.  And they enjoy it. I think that’s fine.

Of course, some people have addictions to gambling and ruin themselves. That’s a sad circumstance.

The issues with online gambling, I think, will be what are the odds? Who is making sure they’re not playing games with the odds? And what can we do about addictive personalities who end up destitute because of gambling? (I have no answer whatsoever to the latter, unfortunately.)

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