Honda rolling out incentives to combat weak sales volumes


In a year when the car market has been booming overall, one automaker with a great reputation has lost its mojo on dealer lots across the country.

Honda is sitting today with a lot of product at dealerships that just don’t seem to be exciting the public. The Accord is in the midst of a model makeover, and the redesigned Civic has been panned in the automotive press. Those two key drivers of U.S. profits are both 98-pound weaklings right now. Meanwhile, the Acura division is really lost in the wilderness too.

So Honda is rolling out multiple incentives to dealers to try to pump up sales volumes. If you like Honda products, you’ll love the prices right now. Don’t overlook this respected nameplate if you’re looking for deep discounts on a new car purchase.

Editor’s note: This segment originally aired June 15, 2012.

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