Grow your own to save money


Most people think that Springtime is the time to start growing that vegetable or herb garden. But there are many types of plants that should mainly be grown during the cooler months.

Fall is a great time to try your hand at growing leafy greens, and that makes this a great way to save some money on produce. If you end up with a good harvest, you’ll have a bountiful source of vegetables while other people are paying higher prices for greens at the grocery store.

Here are 6 cooler weather plants you may want to try your hand at growing this Fall:

1. Broccoli. Now is the perfect time to be planting broccoli for Fall harvests. I’ve even had my broccoli plants survive entire winters that included cold and snowy nights. Serving fresh or steamed broccoli with dinner is a great way to get that vitamin K.

2. Swiss Chard. Swiss Chard is becoming a new favorite green for many people because it’s packed with more nutrients than kale, but has a much milder taste.

3. Carrots. Plant carrots now for a late Fall or early Winter harvest. I’ve even had carrots last all winter long. If you do attempt to grow carrots all through the Winter, make sure to keep them covered well with mulch and soil to protect them from freezing.

4. Cabbage. These beauties are simply gorgeous, and always add an ornamental value to gardens. You can harvest them through late Fall and early Winter.

5. Lettuce. Lettuce just keeps growing back and doesn’t stop, even after harvesting the leaves over and over again. It’s a hardy plant and great for salads. Plant more seeds every few weeks for a constant crop, but keep them in shady spots if you want them year-round. Lettuce definitely prefers to stay cool.

6. Spinach. Known for it’s superfood benefits, spinach is actually pretty easy to grow. If you live in a mild Winter climate, you can plant spinach in the late Fall for an early Spring harvest. Or if not, plant it late Summer in a shady spot for harvesting before the harsh Winter hits.

These are just a few of the types of plants that are perfect to plant this Fall. I’m especially going for the lettuce, cabbage and broccoli this year, as this will really help me save money on produce during the cooler months.


Crystal Collins, a DealPro, is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog at

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