Clark’s take on DirecTV Now: ‘It’s a great replacement for traditional pay TV’

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If you’re not happy with what you’re paying for pay TV to the phone company, the satellite company or the cable company, then you should know about DirecTV Now.

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DirecTV Now lowers your pay TV bill from an average of $103/month to $35/month!

Clark on DirecTV Now: 'It's a robust replacement for traditional pay TV' The average household pays $103.10/month for pay TV service, according to September 2016 numbers from Leichtman Research Group, Inc.

Imagine being able to take that down to just $35/month, including taxes and fees!

That’s the promise of DirecTV Now.

Clark says ‘it’s a robust replacement for traditional pay TV’ and calls it DirecTV’s answer to Dish’s Sling TV.

‘DirecTV Now is the closest we’ve ever had to a replacement for traditional pay TV, but at a much lower price,’ the consumer champ says.

With DirecTV Now you don’t need a satellite dish. You just need an Internet connection. One of the nice features of this service is its portability. You can access the service from your phone, tablet or computer. Or you can project it onto your big TV.

But here’s one caveat: This is not for a family of three or more because you’re limited to two users at a time on this service.

And note this well: The introductory price won’t always be $35 for new customers going forward. But if you sign up now, Clark says you will stay at $35 for as long as you’re a customer.


‘I’ve been testing it,’ the penny pincher reveals. ‘The service is sometimes a little choppy, but I sure do love the price!’

Here are a few other current offers you should know about:

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