The challenges that remain 11 years after the terror attacks


Looking forward 11 years from the terrorist attacks, it remains clear that we as a nation have work to do.

Unfortunately, for many of the challenges we face today, the American people are already too exhausted. At the top of the list is Iran. I know we’re tired after Iraq and Afghanistan. But we have got to stand up and take notice of this country that is actively trying to come up with nukes to annihilate any enemies, not as a defensive move, but as an aggressive policy.

We have to respond before it’s too late. Ahmadinejad is telegraphing what he intends to do. Remember, people in the world put Hitler on ignore for way too long and look what happened.

So we ignore the Iranian threat at our own peril. Fortunately, someone on our side has been loading viruses into the Iranians’ computer system for the nukes and basically doing industrial sabotage. While that’s great, now people can turn the Internet on us too.

The Financial Times of London reports there are now 10 billion connected devices in the world. By 2015, we may close in on 15 billion. So a real way to disrupt commerce is going to be computer attacks.

You may have heard about the big issue with saying the shutdown of their customers’ websites was not from a hacker, though one is claiming credit. Then you take the Apple data leak. The info of at least 1 million who have Apple products is now out there.

We face a challenge going forward where we must have a national data policy. We need requirements to protect our financial, industrial, and business systems. We also need security of all types involving transportation that goes beyond the TSA’s security theater.

We have unfinished business. There is work left to do.

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