American businesses are going green to save green


American businesses are reducing the amount of energy they consume with companies like Ford leading the way.

Ford expects to reduce the energy it takes to make an automobile by 25% in the next 48 months. The payback for them is fantastic. Ford has already reduced energy consumption by about 20% over the last 6 years and they will now accelerate that. The new moves will make Ford much more profitable for its stockholders.

Whenever industry does a series of improvements, the benefits will eventually flow down to small business and consumers.

In related news, the Nest Learning Thermostat is a programmable thermostat for your home that learns your living patterns and figures out when to adjust the temperature a few degrees to save you money. It accomplishes this by using artificial intelligence. The best part of all is the payback for you comes in less than a year.

Meanwhile, 85% of building owners rely on energy management to save money, according to a recent survey. Public schools are popping solar panels on their roofs for swift payback, as just one example. The net cost to a small business, or a facility like a school, or to a homeowner, is so good it’s almost a no-brainer.

But the problem is the big upfront cost in solar. Thankfully, in most states, there are private companies that will come in and lease you the necessary equipment. They guarantee you will save money from the first month, never having to lay out cash.

We are in an era where energy retrofits aren’t just a “feel good” thing anymore about the Earth. It’s about a different kind of green — the kind that goes into your wallet. Saving energy pays!

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