America is on the comeback trail


I am so excited about so many signs I’m seeing where the U.S. is structurally getting its act together.

At the same time, it is true that we have some hazards going on right now, chiefly the dysfunction in Washington, and we could end up with another recession. That is a possibility.

Businesses are losing confidence because of the inability of the two parties to behave and communicate with each other. The late Pres. Reagan used to talk about disagreeing without being disagreeable. We need more of that kind of thinking.

I’d love to take both parties on a retreat, not separate, but together. I’d make each Democrat and Republican pair up and spend a day together so they can find out that the other guy doesn’t have fangs, venom, or unadulterated evil.

The two parties have spent so much time dehumanizing each other that they forgot who the real enemies of our nation are. We’ve got enough to worry about with Iran and China. But weakness comes from within, and we have a lot of weakness at the government level.

At the same time as the two parties behave like kids, we are being adults!

More and more people are getting their debts in order. The housing market has stabilized in most of the country. Businesses with their finances in order are now in a much better position going forward to succeed and grow.

The American auto industry is now hiring more workers. Car sales are booming for both domestic and foreign automakers — many of whom build their cars in U.S. factories.

We’re on the comeback trail. I’ve told you about the 3 million new jobs in energy because of technological developments. Many businesses now run lean machines, which means they’re doing better than workers, but that will eventually balance out.

We’ve got a lot of positive going on. We also have concerns and worries, but in so many ways it’s clear as can be we are in better shape today than we were when we had the false prosperity of seven years ago.


We have a bright future, but we need the U.S. Congress to get its act together and learn not to act like children.

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