$20 cardboard bicycle coming into mass production


Transportation could get a whole lot cheaper if an Israeli inventor has his way.

Izhar Gafni has come up with a $20 bicycle made out of corrugated cardboard that’s now ready for mass production, according to Reuters.

It took Gafni four years to get the design just right with no weakened structural points. The bike is treated with “a secret concoction” of organic materials to make it waterproof and fireproof. Then it’s given a lacquer finish.

He even tested a prototype in a water tank for several months and found its hardness was not compromised by lengthy submersion!

Reuters reports that Gafni’s bike has no metal parts. Even the brakes and bearings are made from recycled non-metal parts.

Think about the possibilities coming because of computer-aided design, 3D printing, and geniuses like this guy. Is there some idea you have to take what’s basically refuse and make it usable for people at a very low price point?

We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface…

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