Would you pay more for the “Made in America” label?


I never think to look at the label on clothing to see where something is made. It doesn’t even cross my mind. That admission might make you mad at me. Does that make me unpatriotic in some way?

There’s been a big backlash about all the stuff we buy that’s made overseas. That’s been particularly true for what we wear. Clothing is overwhelmingly *not* made in the US anymore.

Once upon a time in the Carolinas every town you went to had clothing manufacturers. The textile industry was massive in North and South Carolina. But the industry hollowed out because of foreign competition. Manufacturers starting sourcing overseas and retailers imported from overseas.

Today clothes come from all over the world. So the question I have for you is, if buying “Made in America” is important to you, will you pay more for it? And if so, how much more? The best guess is that it costs an average of about 20% more at retail to buy a clothing item made in the USA vs. one that is made overseas.

The New York Times reports there’s been a resurgence in high-end clothing being made stateside because the cost of the stitching is insignificant, and the economics on expensive clothing make it work. But for everyday clothes, there is a real price premium for that “Made in America” label.

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