Who’s Going To Be Open on Thanksgiving Day?


Last year, I upset many of you when I went shopping on Thanksgiving evening. There are many who feel that it is unfair of stores to ask employees to come in and leave their families on Thanksgiving Day, and there have even been some protests and boycotts of stores who are opening on the holiday itself.

I also heard from many who did shop and got some great bargains, as well as from several store workers who insisted they were grateful for the extra holiday pay and went in voluntarily.

Who’s going to be open on Thanksgiving Day?

I’m not going to tell you what to do or when/where to shop. I think that is up to you. I always believe in making an informed decision, and so we have compiled a list here of who will be open and who will be closed on Thanksgiving.

This list is by no means complete. It simply represents our survey of some top retail chains around the country. Feel free to leave comments below if you know of other retailers who are going to be open or closed on Turkey Day. And don’t forget to vote on my poll to the left and make your voice heard!

Open on Thanksgiving?
Opening time
Kmart Yes 6am on Thanksgiving 
Big Lots Yes 7am on Thanksgiving
Dollar General Yes 7am on Thanksgiving
Family Dollar Yes 8am on Thanksgiving
Radio Shack Yes 8am on Thanksgiving
Bass Pro Shops Yes 8am on Thanksgiving
Michael’s Yes 4pm on Thanksgiving 
Old Navy Yes 4pm on Thanksgiving 
Toys R Us Yes 5pm on Thanksgiving 
JC Penney Yes 5pm on Thanksgiving 
Best Buy Yes 5pm on Thanksgiving 
Dick’s Sports Goods Yes 5pm on Thanksgiving 
Walmart Yes 6pm on Thanksgiving 
Macy’s Yes 6pm on Thanksgiving 
Sears Yes 6pm on Thanksgiving
Kohl’s Yes 6pm on Thanksgiving
Target Yes 6pm on Thanksgiving 
Belk Yes 6pm on Thanksgiving 
Office Depot Yes 6pm on Thanksgiving 
Sports Authority Yes 6pm on Thanksgiving 
Victoria’s Secret Yes 6pm on Thanksgiving
Home Depot No 5am on Black Friday
Lowe’s No 5am on Black Friday
Sam’s Club No  7am on Black Friday
TJ Maxx No  7am on Black Friday
Marshalls No 7am on Black Friday
Costco No 9am on Black Friday

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