Website helps you value stamps, coins and other collectibles


If you receive a collection of stamps, coins, trading cards or autographs after a relative passes away, there’s a service I want you to know about that can help give you an objective valuation for what you’ve got.

Recently on the show, I had a caller asking about how to sell some coins he inherited. I’ve talked in the past about the idea of going to a coin show when it’s in town. It’s a good idea to go booth to booth and have dealers give you quotes for individual coins, never for the whole collection. But that’s a very shoe-leather intensive approach.

Enter, a service that will give you objective valuation of your collectibles, according to what in The Los Angeles Times.

Using is not cheap, but they only specialize in valuation — they will not try to buy your collectibles. You sent in whatever you’ve got, they evaluate it, and then they give you a report and send your stuff back to you.

I realize this is an obscure kind of thing. But I get this question all the time about coins, stamps and other collectibles. And finally I have an answer to share with you.

Clark Deals
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