Walmart wants to sell you these ugly apples


Walmart, the world’s largest grocer, is now selling “ugly” apples in an effort to reduce food waste.

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Walmart now selling ugly, cheap fruit 

About 300 stores in Florida will sell the apples to start, and Walmart says they’ll eventually be available in 12 varieties – from Granny Smith to Red Delicious.

The imperfect apples, which are from Washington state, are called “I’m Perfect.”

A Walmart spokesperson told that a five-pound bag of these new apples will cost you $4.93. Meanwhile, the price of a three-pound bag of regular apples is $4.74.

Here’s how Walmart explained the new initiative in a blog post:

One of the challenges growers have is that Mother Nature can throw a curveball such as a hailstorm, high winds or even a string of very hot sunny days, which can damage the exterior finish of fruits. While the texture and flavor remain perfect, the exterior damage usually renders these fruits unsellable in the fresh market because they fail to meet traditional grade standards. We’re proud to be the first retailer to bring these apples to you.

Earlier this year, Walmart began selling Spuglies, potatoes that were less than perfect on the outside due to rough weather in Texas.

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