Here’s how to get groceries delivered right to your door from Walmart

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For at least 30 years, people have thought there is a business in delivering your groceries to you. But nobody’s ever been truly successful with a mass-market approach to home delivery of groceries outside of the biggest cities.

Thankfully, that’s starting to change!

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Walmart expands grocery delivery service with Uber

Back in June 2016, Walmart launched a pilot test of grocery delivery in partnership with Uber and others in Phoenix and Denver.

Two more markets — San Jose and Tampa — were added subsequently and now the expansion is on again. This time it’s Orlando and Dallas coming online for this groundbreaking grocery delivery pilot.

When you think about it, this home delivery service is really an extension of the company’s free same-day online ordering and pickup service, which is now available in nearly 40 major markets around the country. They’re taking what they’re already doing and putting it on wheels.

So what would you expect to pay for this time-saving service? A reported $9.95 delivery fee applies. (Drivers do not handle any money during the transaction.)

While some might balk at that $9.95 price tag, others would gladly pay it to access Walmart’s low grocery prices without the hassle of shopping in a crowded store!

But there’s one caveat here that almost goes without saying: You are trusting somebody else to pick out your produce. So if you are really picky about your fruits and veggies, then this probably isn’t for you.

Still, the convenience of not being able to go to the supermarket is something that a lot of people love.


Here’s how Walmart’s grocery delivery works

Though it’s still in it earliest phases, Walmart’s grocery delivery system is remarkably easy to use.

First, remember that it’s only available in the following markets at this time:

  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Orlando
  • Phoenix
  • San Jose
  • Tampa

If you live in one of those markets, getting started is easy:

  1. Go online to
  2. Begin putting items into your online cart
  3. During checkout, select the most convenient time for your order to be delivered

Once your order is placed, a personal shopper will start pulling the items you’ve purchased based on your desired delivery time. Then a driver will load it all up and take it to your home.

That’s it!

Walmart reportedly uses it own fleet of drivers and trucks in San Jose and Denver. So the Uber drivers are only being used in Dallas, Orlando, Phoenix and Tampa at this time.

Other competing grocery delivery services

Walmart’s experiment is the latest salvo in its fight with Amazon. The e-commerce giant has its own grocery delivery service called Prime Fresh and is about to play a much larger role in the grocery landscape thanks to its recent $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods.

Of course, there are other competitors in this market space as well. Other notable grocery delivery services include Instacart (most major metro areas), Peapod (Chicago, D.C., Philadelphia, most of New England) and Deliveer (Vancouver, Los Angeles, Toronto and Chicago).

When you factor in the off-beat guys like Trader Joe’s; the hard discounters like Aldi (which recently announced a delivery partnership with Instacart), Lidl and Save-a-Lot; and then the national warehouse club chains Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale who do groceries, one thing becomes very clear…

The traditional supermarkets are under assault from every direction! But the good news is the real winner in all the turmoil is you — the consumer!


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