Walmart’s home grocery delivery is being expanded to 100 cities


After dipping its toe in the waters of grocery delivery back in 2016, Walmart is now ready to go all-in.

The nation’s largest retailer brings same-day home delivery of groceries to 100 cities from coast to coast in 2018.

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Walmart ready to ramp up grocery delivery

Walmart’s effort to expand its grocery delivery service will give more than 40% of U.S. households access to this time-saving option.

At the moment, grocery delivery from Walmart is only active in six markets — Dallas, Denver, Orlando, Phoenix, San Jose and Tampa.

By year’s end, that will completely change.

Walmart has more than 18,000 personal shoppers ready to pull your order, and thousands more will be onboarded this year as the program ramps up.

When the program is up and fully running around the nation, the grocery delivery will take place from more than 800 stores.

And if you’re the kind of person who worries about somebody picking out your produce or meats, Walmart has an answer for you.

The company says it puts all personal shoppers through a thorough three-week training program. The focus of the training is on how to select the freshest produce and choicest cuts of meat for online grocery delivery customers.


Actual delivery of your order will be outsourced to third-party delivery companies like Uber and Deliv, which Walmart currently uses in its six test markets.

The grocery delivery fee will be $9.95 — with a requirement of a $30 minimum order. But you can get your first order delivered free with promo code FRESHCAR, according to Walmart.

Groceries can be ordered online at or on the existing Walmart Grocery App.

Two benefits to Walmart’s plan

Now, you might balk at paying nearly ten bucks to have somebody deliver your groceries but there are actually two upsides here.

First, you get access to Walmart’s low grocery prices without the hassle of shopping in a crowded store.

And when you consider that Walmart scored dead last in the newly announced American Customer Satisfaction Index, that’s a good thing, in this case. You can enjoy the savings while skipping what a lot of U.S. consumers think of as an unsatisfactory shopping experience.

The second upside is that the company says the prices of groceries through the online delivery program will be the same as in stores.

That’s big, considering Walmart recently launched a new effort to price items higher online than they are in stores:

Walmart Irish Spring soap

Thankfully, you won’t have to put up with any of that price bifurcation when you’re an online grocery delivery customer!


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