Wal-Mart is aiming to lower prices


MONEY SAVING MOMENT: Wal-Mart rolled out the big deals on food, cosmetics, clothing and toys after the holidays this year because of a big overhang in unsold inventory. They also reportedly pushed suppliers for lower prices on spring goods.

The indications are clear: Wal-Mart is going full-tilt back to a “promotional” approach, which means sales done big. When you walk in the store, it will literally feel like the aisles are overflowing with merchandise with big signs blaring low prices.

It’s a reversal of the strategy they had during much of the Great Recession when they tried to capture shoppers of means who were worried about their wallets. Wal-Mart toned down its displays to appeal to those people. But the core Wal-Mart shopper wants big deals that advertised as big deals with all the ballyhoo. Expect to see that happening big time.

Note: This segment originally aired February 2011

Clark Deals
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