Ultra soft toilet paper a hazard to the environment


Clark’s mind is in the toilet with thoughts on the underlying costs of ultra soft toilet paper!

The consumer champ has seen several newspaper articles about environmentalists being upset over the marketing push for ultra soft toilet paper. The production of this bathroom tissue requires that old growth trees be cut down. Environmentalists prefer that we use toilet tissue made from recycled paper goods.

But Consumer Reports recently rated toilet paper and found that ultra soft brands scored well according to their criteria. Green toilet papers, on the other hand, scored relatively low. In fact, the top green paper came in at unlucky No. 13 on the tally.

In general, Americans prefer ultra soft toilet paper to harder tissue made from recycled goods. And then there’s the question of cost. Green toilet tissue tends to be more expensive than your standard issue roll.

When manufacturers can make an affordable toilet paper that’s pleasant to use and also good for the environment, that’s when he’ll buy. But for now, Clark’s green goes for something that’s not green!

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