Traditional toys on deep discount this Christmas


If you’re looking for deals on traditional children’s toys, this is going to be a very promotional Christmas!

If you are buying for a child, you may not be aware (unless you’re a parent) how much shopping patterns for kids’ toys have changed over the last decade.

The only thing that kids want right now is any kind of electronic toy. My own son Grant is 7 and he was looking at the Toys R Us flyer this weekend. His sole focus? An Angry Birds game cartridge for the Xbox!

He’s not an isolated case. Sales of traditional toys are down by at least a third over the last decade, and they may be down another 10% this year alone, according to CNBC.

So here’s the money-saving moment: Traditional toys are in oversupply. I was in Wal-Mart this morning and saw that the toy section was chock-a-block full of traditional toys: blocks, Hot Wheels, dolls, etc.

If you’re shopping for a kid who likes traditional toys, this will be a highly discounted Christmas shopping season for those things.

As just one example, Amazon is doing “lightning deals” across product categories, including toys. Their lightning deals promise savings of 40% off traditional toys ongoing throughout every day until November 18, 2012.

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