Japanese chain’s new burger uses tomato halves instead of buns


Japanese restaurant chain MOS Burger has introduced a low-carb burger that uses tomato halves in place of buns, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Yum or yuck? You decide…

The ‘tomami’ burger clocks in at just 227 calories – about 160 fewer than the chain’s regular burger. But attracting health-conscious customers wasn’t the only reason for the menu addition. Apparently, growers this year produced a bounty of unusually large tomatoes.

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‘Since the tomatoes were so delicious and large, we thought we should try using it in one of our products,’ a MOS Burger spokeswoman told the WSJ.

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The burger went on sale July 7 at the chain’s Osaki restaurant in Tokyo’s Shinagawa ward. It will be available in limited quantities at that store through August, when MOS Burger will be offering another odd menu item: a ‘wet burger’ covered in tomato sauce.

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