This futuristic razor cuts with a laser


Shaving isn’t fun.

It’s a lengthy if routine process that can result in cuts and bumps among other unwanted results.

But now, two innovative designers are working to create a razor that avoids most of the undesirable aspects of shaving.

Introducing, the Skarp.

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This ain’t no 17-cent razor!

Created by Morgan Gustavsson and his partner Paul Binun, the tool promises to remove hair from any place on one’s body with no irritation, no accidental cutting and no razor burn.

The two Swedes have been working on the laser razor for over a decade but were hung up when they couldn’t find a wavelength that would cut through both dark and light colored hairs. Now, they’ve found what it takes to get rid of any kind of hair.

Gustavsson and Binun have patented the project and are currently being backed by Kickstarter.

“We have identified manufacturing partners and have preliminary agreements in place. We are in the beginning stages of manufacturing, and that’s where you come in as an early supporter,” they wrote on the site’s page.


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The pair originally pledged a goal of $160,000 to fund the project. With 20 days to go, they have already surpassed that goal with over $790,000 raised.

According to Business Insider, you can get the Skarp for $159 in March 2016.

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